Vroeger Was Alles Beter / The Rockin' Windmill Show

Program #300 – 7 April 2004.

The first program seems only yesterday but the reality is that it was on the air 6 years ago.

So it’s about time for a extra long and special broadcast. One thinks about the best way to celebrate. The answer is really quite simple. Short, powerful and straight forward. Just like rock and roll itself.

The 300th show had the following topics: only music on request of listeners, about 10 prices and last but not least: no boring speeches.
Filling three hours of requests give you a pretty good picture of what people like to hear in a rock and roll program.
Many short songs mainly from the fifties and sixties were preferred. Because these songs were short we could even play 60 requests in these three hours.

The following summary gives a good picture of what kind of artists are popular at Radio Rucphen FM.
Not just oldies like Elvis Presley (His latest flame), Cliff Richard (She said yeah), Buddy Holly (Rave on), Buddy Knox (Storm clouds), Carl Mann (Pretend) and Eddie Cochran (Three steps to heaven) but also bands from a later era like Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers (Put a light in the window), the Lennerockers (Wabash Canonball), the Cascadez (Backseat boogie), the Teencats (Sun tan tattoo) and the Firebirds (’59 Ford) were requested.

Listeners could win CD’s when they answered correctly our questions. Some were very easy, others were not.
Easy questions were: who recorded Amapola originally; which other artist died in the planecrash that killed Buddy Holly and what what the original colour of Lulu’s hair?
Some other questions were a lot more difficult. The 1st hit of Shakin’ Stevens in England was a tough one. Only after our tip that it was eatable (Hot dog) we got the right answer. From which country the Rioters came was to difficult for everybody. But maybe it’s because Austria doesn’t have a large scale rock and roll scene.

We felt the evening was a successful one. Most remarks we heard from guests and listeners was: please continue with what you are doing. Shall we? Yes, of course!

Jack van Oers