Vroeger Was Alles Beter / The Rockin' Windmill Show



Door de jaren heen hebben we aandacht geschonken aan een heleboel CD's. Voornamelijk waren dat recente uitgaves maar ook werd oud werk weleens gedraaid (zoals heruitgaves op CD van oude LP's). Een selectie van diverse nummers (5 a 10) op die CD's werden in een van de uitzendingen van "Vroeger Was Alles Beter" ten gehore gebracht.  
Voor een selectie van deze CD's staat hier beneden.




Throughout the years we have given CD's special attention. Ususally these were new releases but in some cases these were oldies (like releases on CD of old LP's). A selection of tracks (5 to 10) were given airplay in one of the shows of "Vroeger Was Alles Beter". In English this program would probably be called "The Gold Old Days".
A selection of these CD's is listed below.





Artist/Group Title Label
Aileen Quinn & the Leaping Lizards Spin me   
The Lennerockers (D) Rustin' and Rollin' AGR
Various Artists (Swe) Rockabilly Nationals Atenzia
Alton & Jimmy Still Shakin' Wisteria
The Cascadez (NOR) 10000 Miles to Memphis Rockaround
The Black Knights (S) 20 Years of highlights and blackouts Enviken
The Barnshakers (SF) 5 Minutes to live Goofin'
Jerry King & Rivertown Ramblers (USA) A date with El Toro
The Alley Cats (UK) Alley Palais APM
Aces Again (NL) Back in time ---
The Jets (UK) Bolt of lightning Krypton
Various artists (B, NL) - part 1 BOP ! Boppin' Around
Various artists (B, NL) - part 2 BOP ! Boppin' Around
The Ranch Girls & the Ragtime Wranglers (NL) Can you hear them Home Brew
The Flamin' Locos (AUS) Ceety Leemits ---
Wailin' Elroys (USA) Cheap Motel Rhythm Bomb
Johnny Trash (USA) Cool rockin' daddy ---
Crazy Cadillac (NL) Cruisin' Rarity
Gene Summers (USA) Do Right Daddy Enviken
The Foggy Mountain Rockers (D) Dressed in black Part
Chevrolet (UK) Drivin' me wild Hot Wax
The Mal Gray Band Easy money / Poor dog blue Pollytone
Elvix & The Hounddogs (NL) Elvix & The Hounddogs (NL) Elvix
Fishnet Stockings (NL) Fishnet Stockings ---
The Strollers (UK) Five cats down Raucous
Various artists (USA, SF, B) Friday Nite Rumble Volume 10 Run Wild
Various artists (USA, SF, S, UK, NOR) Friday Nite Rumble Volume 11 Run Wild
Various artists (USA, SF, S, NOR) Friday Nite Rumble Volume 12 Run Wild
The Crocats (NL) Honeydoll Rarity
Wild Wax Combo (DK) Hot rod doll Enviken
The Jumpin' Wheels (Estonia) Hot Rod Mama CAB
The Jime (DK) It's still rock 'n' roll to me Nervous
Various artists Joe Meek shall inherit the world Vol. 2 Western Star
Various artists (NL) Keep on Rocking Volume 1 Rarity
Keessie & the Seltens of Swing (NL) Keessie & the Seltens of Swing Rarity
Runnin' Wild (B) Killer Taco Stomp El Toro
King Drapes (SF) King Drapes Stomp Raucous
The Young Savages (NL-Indorock) Kotek Kotek Dureco
Round Up Boys (D) Lift Off! Rhythm Bomb
The Firebirds (UK) Live at Rosmalen (DVD) Hitsound
The Hillbilly Stringpickers (NL) Live at Rosmalen (DVD) Hitsound
The Reno Brothers and Mischief! (NL) Live at the Cruise Inn B-B-Q
Peter en zijn Rockets (NL) Marijke Universal
Junior Marvel (NL) Messing around with El Toro
Black Raven (D) No way to stop me HOT
Eightball Boppers Old dogs don't 8BB
The Lustre Kings (USA) Once a King, always a King Cacaphone
Various artists (D) Radio Promo Disk MCG
Various artists Raucous Records 200 Raucous
The Lennerockers (D) Rebels & More PhonoNet
Crazy Cavan & the Rhythm Rockers (UK) Rhythm Rockin' Blues CRCD
Boppin' Rhythm Boozers (NL) Ride on Rarity
The Blue Jays (UK) Ridin' the Brit Beat Pollytone
Simon Crashly and the Roadmasters (S) Roadhouse Rock Enviken
Adam & his Nuclear Rockets (CRO) Rock and Roll for a dime El Toro
Ronnie Nigthingale & the Haydocks (NL) Rock 'till we drop Rarity
Crazy Legs (Brazil) Rockabilly Riot Bad Habits
King Drapes (SF) Rockabilly Rules Raucous
Various artists Rockabilly Rumble Deuce Raucous
Various artists (Europe) Rockin' around the EEC vol. 1 Empire
Various artists (S) Rockin' Rhythm Enviken
The Shakin' Arrows (NL) Shady/Rockin' love ReDi
Iain Sparks (UK) Spotlight on Roy Orbison Pollytone
Dixie Aces (NL) Takin' you places (live) HCD
Chuck Memphis (NL) Talk about the good times Rarity
Various artists Texas Rockabilly 1955 El Toro
Rocky Sharpe & the Replays (UK) The best of  - "Looking for an echo" Chiswick
The Royal Showband (IRL) The Hucklebuck ROY
The Blue Moon Rockers (NL) Third Moon HCD
Neva River Rockets (Russia) Waitin' for a train ---
Danny Wild & the Wildcats (UK) Wild in the country Pollytone